Our Mission

  We are two girls on a mission to blow people's minds with truth and conviction.  We are redefining business and what success means to us. Follow us on our journey through our evolution in writing and changing our reality through experiences.

 Why We're Doing What We're Doing

     We're experiencing that quarter-life crisis where we're at the very edge of something important to us.  A person cannot be successful listening to other's cautions about how life doesn't work the way we want to.  A successful person is a person living the life they want to live in every aspect of living despite other's warnings.

     We're hunting that elusive niche that belongs to us.  The niche has to say fun, experimental, wacky, mind blowing, and eventful.  It is an organized chaos of community, family, and freedom.  

    Kay has never had a job at 22 years of age, so it's not really dropping out of the rat race.  She has a disability she's worked her entire life to get past and it is tiresome to be dependent.  It's time to break free of that and get over it.  Kay no longer wants to be remembered as that quiet deaf girl who never really stood out.

    Diane, on the other hand, has always known what it was to be a black sheep, an outcast, and a total loner.  She feels like she is on the fringe of memories, set aside in the peripheral, of her own life and of her loved ones lives.  She has always been the little sister, a part of a large clan, and not quite an individual on her own.  Diane is the ultimate Gypsy.  It's time to come out of that shell and find out who she is.

   We're doing this one mindplosion at a time.  Those are epiphanies, realizations, and layers of discovery.  It can be so simple and yet so mind-blowing.  Our goal is to be the mind-blower, a catalyst, of our own movement.  Join us if you wish.


"A chief event of life is the day in which we 

have encountered a mind that startled us."  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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