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          I'm an April Fool's baby at 22 years of age.  Outwardly shy, inwardly mischievous, at the precipice of my life, I'm that kinda girl with a drive to succeed.  I'm engaged to marry a history buff who wears a man purse and has an alterego called Ghillieman.  He's my favorite person in the world.  I'm a future stepmother to 4 human spawns and a mother to 9 fuzzy spawns.  That's 8 dogs and 1 cat, in case you were wondering.  My passion is writing; current love affair is with Hubpages.  Yes, Ghillieman is a very jealous man, but he actually enjoys this particular love affair.  Always as a last note, I'm a deaf individual who wears a cochlear implant.

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 I'm a 25 year old with tons of creativity and stuff to say. My mind is always working on the next big thing for me. I love to love and I am slave to human emotion. I can be quirky at times and a little funny,  but I always know when to be serious. Even if I don't always know when to shut my mouth. I love spending my time editing pictures and writing. Nature inspires me, and the wind fuels my soul.

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