Saucy Minds

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About Steve

Steven I am the Ghillieman. That's my alterego. I'm 39 years old, father to four Ghilliespawns who are my pride and joy. As the ultimate Ghillie in the real world, I am practical and logical, which is balanced with an off the wall humor. A heavy metal lover in many ways, I am a qualified machinist with an agenda of my own. I rock my employment with hot impatience tempered with cold, hard rationality. All around, though, I'm really a goofy dork. I love pretending to know what I'm doing with a guitar. At the casa, my little goddess keeps my blood level down with her smile. She's my future wife.

About Dale

Dale Me? I'm Mongo the Great. Researcher, analyst, tinkerer. A father to a wiry little dog who saved my life. Jack of all trades! I consume information at a great pace. I'm happiest when I experiment and take a tool or task to the next level. At 39, I'm slow to anger, quick to laugh. Life's too short. I can be found rumbling, "Ohh, me likes", while handling a new toy like a drill press or a loud, firing gun. I love talking about gardening, survivalism, the next project we ought to do, and any variety of topics at hand. Yeah, I'm easy to please and often hang around with Ghillieman. Life is good at the Empire headquarters.


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